Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where oh where do I find time to train? Time hunting.

I am sure this is the number one question and objection ppl ask when they think of endurance racing. Couple of nights ago I sat down and thought about the things I must do and where I can find time to train. I hunt very hard. Flipped over every rock and searched every crack. Here is what I have come up with:
Orange is my Chruch related activities
Light orange is my work
Orange is my commute
Light green is my training time

I added up the hours and if I follow this schedule, I will have 39 hours a week to train. I only need 8-17 hours to train a week to train. The question is what I am going to do with all these extra time I got. There is no way I am going to release them back to the wild. They are too hard to find :) I am sure a thing so call LIFE will get in the way and take my time away.

Note: This is POTENTIAL WORKOUT time. Definitely not going to work out like that. Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for the concern :).. I give all you fellow bloggers to kick my ass if I train like the schedule above.


Papa Tweet said...

Don't forget to put a rest day in there. Don't want anyone to fall over and die from over training. Nice idea for some sweet time management. Most people have more time than you do, yet they still say, "I don't have time". If they quit watching TV they would have more than enough time, I gaurantee it. Just think of all the wonderful things that could be done instead of watching TV. Hmmm, sounds like a good post. I'll get right on it.

Kewl Nitrox said...

I heard a modern "parable" about the principle of time management - a lecturer was demonstrating how to fill up a bucket. 1st he put in all the big rocks, was it then full? No. He next poured in fine sand to the brim, was it then full? No, he next poured in water. Was it then full? You bet.

Morale of the story -> You gotta put in the big rocks 1st or they will never be able to go in. The trick is deciding what the "big rocks" are in your life - Quiet Time with the Lord? Training? Work? ;)

Cliff said...

I agree. There is no such as don't have time. When I don't have time, it means I am doing something that is not what God wants me to do.

Realistically, I will take a lot of breaks. I put in more sleep whenever I feel my body needs rest.

Cliff said...

What if Spending time with God, work and training is all the same thing...

I run to train to work and to spend time with God..that's my dream.. :)

Thomas said...

I think it's generally recommended to do most of your training at the same time each day, i.e. the morning is ideal for most people if they manage to get out of bed at such an hour.
If you have the discipline to get up at 5 am consistently, then the "no time" constraint never shows up.

PuddyRat said... when do you eat and sleep? That looks like a pretty tight schedule. Be sure to allow yourself some flexibility. If you get too rigid on your schedule, you may risk burnout.

Is there any way you can incorporate training into your commute, like biking to? Personallly, I will do short runs/bikes at lunch time.

At any rate, good luck with all that, though. It looks as though you have a pretty full plate.

Cliff said...

Oh yeah i forgot the all important eating time..thanks for the reminder guys :)

William said...

Cliff, to bed at 11 and up at 5? Thats 6 hours of sleep man. You cannot live on 6 hours sleep when training more than 10 hours a week.

Why a two hour commute on the way home? Maybe hit a gym close to work after work and let the congestion cool down, then head right to your Tues, Wed, Thurs church commitments.