Monday, November 14, 2005

The sniffle, tooth situation

Today I woke up with a sniffle. My throat has been actting up last night. I knew I am coming down with something My body screams to go for a run. I know I should stay indoor and recoup. Now the weather is taunting me with sunshine and bright blue sky. We will see who wins.

Last night I went for a 15 km stroll. I practiced with improving my cadence. I run with a 74 (one leg) step/min. The ideal is 90.

I spent the first half of my run doing that. I would try to get my stumpy little feet to run as fast as possible. It felt weird and slow (which I expected). I would do that for a min, slow jog for 30 sec and push for a min. By 6-7 times I could move much smoother. The problem is that my HR shoots right through the aerobic zone when I worked on my cadence. IMy butt start to jiggle when I was doing my one minute workout. I figure that's some eye candy for those who I pass :).

I went over to the dentist on Saturday. He removed some stitches from the tooth he yanked out last week. So far the gums haven't heal yet so there is nothing he can do. The teeth that ER plugged back in are in good shape. The dentist figured that he just need to do a root canal (or two) for them.

I am very comfortable with my teeth situation:

- the ache tooth is gone and I can eat with ease
- I get cavities all the time as a kid. So I am use to having the dentist operate on my mouth. Which it also means, my dentist knows my teeth insideout :). So root canals, caps, implants, wooden teeth, whatever, just do what he needs to do so I won't look like a hockey player
- it will be a while before the dentist going to operate, so I can take the swim class in December
- lastly, since it takes longer to fix my teeth, I have more time to save money. Yes saving money for my teeth. That Cervelo p3 Carbon sure is tempting :).

If you wish to donate to the Toothless Triathlete Fund (TTF), please contact me. Note: You will not get a tax reciept back. Sorry :)

I figure I will be a regular at the dentist. I am seeing him again in Dec 17th to clean my teeth. Hmm, maybe I can negotiate for a lower price b/c he has one and a half teeth less to clean :D.


William said...

There is an awesome video on that Cervelo site of Zabriske winning the TT at TdF.

Bolder said...

Um, I'm sure The United Way is shaking in their boots now that you've created the TTF.

Ah Cervelo... you're a good canadian! I'm gonna go to their website like William suggested...

tri-mama said...

I don't know what is worse, having work done on my teeth or paying the bill. I say pull em all out and go dentures- of course being spoken by a person who doesn't wear dentures. Hope you don't get a full blown cold-that really sets you back.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Cervelo P3 Carbon... Just the sound of that puts shivers down my spine. If you go fast enuff, no one will notice yor teeth. ;)

Take care, drinks lots of water, sleep well and I hope it's not a cold.

Thomas said...

The general rule for running with a cold is the neck rule: If all the symptoms are above the neck, go for it. If there is anything wrong below the neck (including fever, coughing, obviously chest pains, ...), stay at home.

Cliff said...

Thanks for everyone concern. I am feeling a bit light headed. Not feel like working (who does :P).

I want to get more rest in and use the time to do my admin stuff (plan training, races etc.) instead of training.

TriZilla said...

YOuch... Having had a major bike accident (landed on my chin - crunch!), I hear you on the multiple dentist visits. It's good to get them back in good shape though. ;) Feel better!

Papa Tweet said...

My advice, take a day or two off now and save yourself four or five days later. Good idea spending that time doing administrative stuff. That way, you are still moving forward without getting more sick. drink alot of water and get alot of rest.

Anonymous said...

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