Friday, October 07, 2005

Relaxing With My Fall Gears

Went for a 12 km run today. The HRM wasn't working so I decided to turn it off. Much better without having to look at my watch every min. It was very comfortable. Relaxing in a sense that I turn my body to cruise control and I let my mind wander a bit.

The weather finally got chilly today. The thermometer drops as the day went on. By the afternoon it was around 15 degrees or so. I wore a cotten shirt with a full sleeve polyester inside. It felt stuffy at first. This is because I was running with the wind. I thought I made a mistake of wearing too many layers already.

Then as I head back home, I ran against the wind. At that point I was glad I layered myself. I figure this would be the type of weather I face during my marathon next Sunday. Tomorrow, I will be testing my rain gear with the polyester shirt under. It will be an early run tomorrow.

I map out google and my plan is to run the last 21 km of the marathon. Basically that's from Sheppard all the way downtown. :) Awesome...

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