Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ironman, God, Lack of Discipline

Despite the marathon, I am not overally happy. I realize I am not spending enough time in my non-Tri life. Work, family, Chruch have been taken a backseat since marathon. I noticed it two weeks ago. Now I had enough. I don't think I am discipline at all. Disgusted with my unproductive work habits and not doing my part to help around the house.

I start to think about what it it means to be an Ironman. From other Ironman bloggers, I see that they have family. They are parents. They have a full time job. They have problems like any other ordinary person. They have pain and set backs. Yet despite all that, they still go train and perserve.

I am more in awe of that then the actual race. Just think about it, if we all have no jobs and just have time to train, I am sure everyone of us can do an Ironman with ease. But the reality is, we don't.

Next time when my friends ask me why I am doing an Ironman, this will be my definition. To train, despite burdens. To train, despite suffering. To train, despite setbacks. And that's howI want to remember myself as I journey toward Ironmanship :). I have family, I have work and I have chruch. I have my duties and despite everything I have time to train.

Life is never easy. I guess that's how God want us to grow. You know if it is easy, it will never be fun :)


William said...

Train like it's your job.

I find cutting time out of my morning a good solution. Most time after 9:00 pm is spent in front of a TV screen so I go to bed instead.

Papa Tweet said...

This is an excellent post because it points out the true challenges of triathlon. It takes discipline to run 26.2 miles, but it takes even more discipline to go to church and fulfill your family obligations as well. Don't get dicouraged, let triathlon make you a better husband, father, friend, etc. You are already disciplined or you wouldn't have run a succesful marathon. Keep up the hard work and be true to yourself and your family before you are true to triathlon. May you find peace and happiness in your training endeavors. I look forward to reading about your challenges and your triumphs on your blog. Good luck!

TriDaddy said...

It's hard to really "balance" training for a race like Ironman with family life. I like to break things down in smaller segments so I can regroup and refocus my priorities rather than just the "stop at nothing" approach to racing. The first thing I do when I finish a race is thank my family for their support!

Boris' Dad said...

cliff, i am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

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