Monday, October 10, 2005

Counting down the days..and some random thoughts.

So here we are. Six more days till Toronto Marathon. I am being pull in two directions. On one hand, I look at myself and have that feeling whether I can make the distance. 42 km is quite far. The longest I have run is 30 km. If I haven't run the full distance I know I will never be confidence enough to do it.

I remember talking to Anners about marathon. She told me that ppl don't run the full distance in training. With my witty comment, I snap back saying how can you not run the whole thing if u are planning to run the whole thing?

Well, she is right. More percisely, I am wrong :).

On the other hand, I look back how much I have run in the past summer after my triathlon (July 24). I have run 3-4 30 kms and 2-3 25 kms. Cardio wise, I know I can handle 3-4 hours of endurance activity. So the only concern is how my legs will hold up.

My strategy for the Toronto Marathon is to reserve all my energy until I hit Casa Loma. After Casa Loma, I have 12 more km to go. I will see. I plan on running non stop for the last 10 km or so.

I can't say I dislike this anxious feeling. I like the mix of the anxiousness and the excitement. In six days I will be doing something I have never dreamt of before. And that is only the starting line for something greater (beat my chest and scream out 'IRONMAN")

Since a lot of friends tagged me to hear my random thoughts, here they are:

Random Thought #1
In July I was planning on going to a Mission trip to Holland in December. It will cost me about 3000 dollars or so. Well, things didn't work out. I figure well since I can't go I must as well throw all the money into my triathlon training. Well, with the bike incident and now I have to spend the same money to fix my teeth.

I found it interested that if I am going to the Mission trip right now, I would be in a tough choice. Do I fix my teeth or go to Mission? I can only do one. I can't do both. [Note: not to worry about the money situation for triathlon, winter season is more for training. I can always save up money to get my gear next year :)].

Random Thought #2
I contradict myself too much :). I realize I have to start walking my talk. Need to spend less time on msn and BLOGGER at work. Do some real work. Get focus.

Random Thought #3
I love Vocal Trance and Euro Beats...bring on DJ DOBOY...

Random Thought #4
I saw Catherine Zeta Jones ad for the next Zorro classy lady :)

Random Thought #5
It's amazing how the blogger create a community. Just recently I start to see other tri and running addicts (trigirl, flatman, runnersusan, william etc.). It's great...I am not alone :D

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