Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sixth Week - 25th day training
Tempo Run
Drink: 600 ml Gatorade + 600 ml water
Weight Before: 148 lb
Weight after: 148 lb
Distance 10.7 km (http://tinyurl.com/depw6)
Intensity: 1/3 Light 1/3 Med 1/3 hard
Time started: 6:50 am
Time ended: 7:50 am
Duration: 1 hr
Weather: Light Wind and cool (23 degrees)

I woke up late. I was suppose to run 15 km instead of 10 km. Overall it was good. The first third I keep myself from going all out by listening to much softer music. As I change my pace, I listen to music that really pump me up. Good O' R&B :).

Time wise I think I can do a bit better. I am not too concern about that. I am focusing in having my body getting use to running harder at the end. When I started my last 1/3 and push myself harder, my body really want to stop. It is not use to it. After 5 min or so I feel fine.

I found out the best way to stretch is when I am stopping by the traffic lights. This way I will be stretching during the run.