Saturday, August 06, 2005

Second Week - 11th day training
Long Run
Weight before: 144 lbs
Weight after: 144 lbs
Drink: 650 ml water + 650 Gatorade
Distance: 18 km + 800 m walk
Intensity: Slow - Medium
Time Started: 6:45 am
Duration: 2 hr
Weather: Cool and sunny (22 degrees)

I woke up late and rush out. I didn't ate breakfast and only had a Clif Bar. The first 30 min, I was having trouble getting into the grove as my body is digesting the Clif Bar. Afterward, I was fine. Left knee pain after 1 hr. Right quad a bit sore and stiff. Stomach pain after the 2nd power gel. Washroom BEFORE run :).

I run too fast. My pace was faster than usual. I have to slow down. It is 8:54 pm and right quad have some sharp pain when I was walking down the stairs in the subway. Must be overusing that muscle.

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