Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pain Beyond Recognition :)

Fourth Week - 18th day training
Long Jog
Drink: 750 ml water + 750 ml gatorade + 591 ml water + 591 powerade (after run) + 300 ml Protien drink (after run) + 500 ml protine milk shake (after run)
Gel: 1 before run, 4 during run
Weight before: 145 lb??
Weight after: 145 lb
Distance: 27 km (10-1) + 3 km (run + walk)
Intensity: Medium
Time Started: 4:00 pm
Time Ended: 7:00 pm
Duration: 3 hr (180 min)
Weather: Windy with sun (27 degrees)

Today is the longest run I have ever done. Looking back I think I have push myself too hard for my legs. I ran from my house down to Ontario Place. I went down Eglinton, to Hwy 10, to Lakeshore and east. Before I hit Lakeshore trail (about 22-23 km), my legs are starting to feel sore. I ignore the pain and push it. Before Ontario Place, I stopped. My whole legs are in pain. Not sharp pain. Just sore pain.

My feet, my ankle, my calves, my knees and my quads. My breathing start to become very fast. Especailly when i take my walking break, I notice the breathing become very heavy. A sure sign of pushing too hard.

The whole run is 10,1. I have to slow my pace down. I expected to get to Ontario Place in 3 hr 30 min. By the time I got there, it was 3 hr 20 min. This is after I stopped walked the last few km AND stretch a bit. Yeah I am running too fast.

In those painful moments, I keep on thinking how I am going to do 42 km if I can't handle 30 km. Very negative and depressing images in my head. I need to refocus into working my base level. I am guessing my base is around 25 km or so.

Doing the math. I am guessing I sweated about 7.48 lb of water. That's a lot.

I am starting to practice what Ed advise me running stide. It is quite difficult. Got to keep at it.

I am glad I am back to running. It felt so nice. The last four days were hell :). Today the weather was perfect. Sky is blue with a few clouds. I don' think I have ever seen the lake so blue before. There was a slight wind. Just enough from not getting too hot.

A few things I have to work on:
- focus on the base. I am glad my next Sat I will dropping my milage back to 20 km.
- focus on the pace. SLOW DOWN :).

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