Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fifth Week - 20th day training
Recovery Jog
Drink: 750 ml water
Weight before: 147 lb
Weight after: 147 lb
Distance: 8 km
Intensity: Light to medium
Time started: 6:20 pm
Time ended: 7:20 pm
Duration: 50 min (+ 10 min walk)
Weather: Light to no wind (25 degrees)

Good run today. My quads are in pain even in the beginning of the run. I tried to slow my pace down. I can't. When i slow down, my quads hurt. I keep on jogging. Did a 10,1 run. That helped a bit. Stretched and iced myself after the run.

Just waiting for tomorrow 15 km run and Sat 25 km run. It is time I push myself.

Richard organized a Dim Sum in downtown on Sat at 10:30 am. Perfect. I told him I will run down and meet them there. I haven't see the Rye Hi Crew for so long. Haven't seen Robin and Alex for at least 8 months :).

Tomorrow, need to get my power gel. I figure I will jog to the running room, grab my gel and jog back. I think that is more than 15 km. We will see.

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