Thursday, July 28, 2005

Read this poem from someone doing his first tri.....

There are people who always wear the same clothes,
Those who carry lucky charms
Those who make promises all the time
Those who believe in superstition.
And there are those who keep running despite their pain
Those who keep going despite their lack of air
Those who keep fighting when everything seems to be lost
Like if every time would be the last time, totally convinced that life itself is a challenge.
They suffer, but they do not complain because they know in their hearts that pain will go away, sweat will dry, and exhaustion & fatigue will end. But there is something that will never go away…the sense of accomplishment…satisfaction that comes from “making it”
Their bodies carry the same amount of muscles, blood & veins.
What makes them different is their “spirit” that never ever EVER quits and the determination to reach the goal.
They also know in their hearts that the goal is reached not striving to be better than the rest but to be better than one itself overcoming your own fears and limits.

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